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Sunday, 20 March 2011

St. Patrick's Day at Maia Secondary School

    For the very first time St. Patrick's Day was celebrated at Maia Secondary School and it was a huge success! 
  Green invaded our school and shamrocks grew everywhere. A colourful  rainbow  showed up and the golden pot was there as well.
   Celtic music, playing all day long, contributed to the atmosphere of joy and happiness felt by all those who embraced this Irish festivity.
   Golden coins( made of chocolate, of course!) and many other sweets awaited the lucky ones or, in case of misfortune,  solving puzzles and quizzes about this Irish holiday was another way of getting hold of the sweet contents of the pot.
   Irish blessings were also given in the shape of bookmarks and  an exhibition of the work done by students on this celebration together with videos and slide-shows of Ireland completed the whole picture.
   Appreciate the photo gallery below, which, somehow, tries to illustrate the spirit of this gorgeous day at our school!

        We'd like to express our warmest thanks 
      to everybody that contributed  to the success of
     this unforgettable day.


  1. Congratulations to the English Club of Maia Secondary School!! I wish I worked at this school where so many dynamic and joyful events take place.
    Keep going on ...
    Lots of Kisses.

  2. I´m proud of being part of this project. It's always rewarding when our aim is achieved: giving our students the opportunity to contact with the culture and spirit of English-speaking countries. All we do is for our students!

  3. I couldn't agree more!
    Now let's get prepared for the Mob Dance!

  4. It was a special day in our routine and our national holidays. I hope you continue with the activities because they are always different and very special day, especially for staff who are always ready to help again



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