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Saturday, 19 March 2011

My first Saint Patrick's Day in the USA

St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, Savannah.

As you probably know there are lots of Irish immigrants and people of Irish ancestry in the USA, so Saint Patick's Day is feasted here as if it was an American festivity, with huge and colourful parades, and green everywhere!
In Savannah, Georgia, the parade began at 10h00 and lasted until 2h00 p.m. I really enjoyed every moment. Lots of music, family picnic in every park of the city, people giving kisses and more people :0) The dress code was respected. All you could see was GREEN! What a great day!!!!!!!!!

(Text and photos by Elisabete Carvalho, a Portuguese living in the USA)


  1. Thanks a lot for your contribution.
    It's excellent to have a report by a Portuguese, who has experienced firsthand the celebration of this festivity in the USA. The photos illustrate very well the spirit and atmosphere of this day.
    Our school also celebrated St. Patrick's Day for the very first time and it was a huge success. The photos of this day will be posted soon!

  2. USA! USA! God i love that country :) Mguel Caetano 11º I


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