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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Friday, 4th of March 2011! What a great day it was in our school! It just rocked!
All day long something was going on somewhere. Spelling contests involving all the classes, from the 7th to the 12th form, singing and dancing, playing the Trivial of Languages, participating in a lecture about the importance of speaking foreign languages, appreciating the exhibitions of the work done by students in the different language classes and, of course, tasting the delicious foods of Portugal, England, Germany, France and Spain.

What a thrill it was for the teachers to see the joy in the eyes of their students!

And last but not least, a very special thanks to the English Club Staff, who, with their enthusiasm and commitment, greatly contributed to the success of this event.
Here are some photos of this memorable day:

Some members of the English Club staff
Aren't we cute in these T-shirts?
Special thanks to the Parents' Association for having offered them to us.

Spelling contest

English Club Sta(rs)ff rehearsing

English Club Sta(rs)ff performing



Just having fun

                   and now the sta(rs)ff perfomances:
                 The first video is the follow up of a project based on songs
                       sung by JP Taylor, a singer who uses music to fight for the    
                       preservation of planet Earth. 
                        The name of this song is "Every living thing".


  1. Congratulations to you all! It was very rewarding seeing so many students envolved in the activities, and showing their enthusiasm and enjoyment.
    We were glad to help!

    Manuel Magalhães

  2. It was a great day indeed!
    Our school has so many 'hidden minds',that only in this sort of events they may be revealed.
    Let's move on to other successful activities!

  3. it was a great day full of fun and hard work: D
    we are the best English club
    staff Gonçalo

  4. Indeed, You are the best staff the English Club could ever have!
    Your teacher knows she can always count on You!

    Another holiday is just round the corner. It's St. Patrick's day, on 17th of March. Let's commemorate this Irish holiday and surprise the whole school.

  5. Hello Adelaide and classes, I really enjoyed your "doing" my song. Thanks for helping me share the messages!

    JP Taylor

  6. Hello Adelaide and classes, I really enjoyed your "doing" my song. Thanks for helping me share the messages!

  7. the best club in the world of English
    with fantastic singers and a guitarist even better
    the videos are very good congratulations

  8. To JP Taylor

    It's always a pleasure to help someone with a good cause. protect animals and protect the plants was what everyone should do because we are protecting the land while we are taking care of that and ours.
    It is with great pleasure that I return to sing and sing many times as necessary to protect and take care of our home, the Earth


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