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Thursday, 27 December 2012

1st Karaoke casting 2012/ 13

 The 1st karaoke casting 2012/2013, organised by the English Club,  is about to start!
 The jury, the presenters and the DJ are ready!

The presenters, Rafaela and Catarina, welcome everybody.

We have a full house!!

Our talented students amaze us with their performances

   But suddenly ..... BLACKOUT !!!

What's the matter?

Well, due to bad weather a power failure shut everything down and the second part of the casting had to be called off :( !!!
But, don't worry! The second term is about to start and all the students who couldn't sing will have their chance to perform for us.  
Don't miss the second part! We will give some more news about the coming event soon.

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