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Friday, 27 January 2012


Made by Survivors Network, a US based NGO, fights slavery and human trafficking.
"From Hell to Heaven" shows you what's being done to help Indian girls who are victims of sex slavery.
This video has also inspired students to write a poem , imagining themselves in the same situation.
Watch the video and read  examples of the excellent work done!

From Hell to Heaven
 Born little angels,
sentenced to hell;
The misery of a lifeless future
in which we fell.
Trapped between walls
that rose, oh, so high,
Impossible to shatter,
We're lost in an endless night.

So, from that sentence
we have escaped,
Thus in our fate
We're not destined to hate.
The light brought by sunshine
gave us some hope.
We were rescued by stars
who saved our soul.
Fearless, independent
Our future now looks bright.
No more dark days,
Only a thousand lights.
Jéssica Santiago
(12º A - school year 2011/2012)

Darkened, shattered, little
Empty, soulless.
When imprisoned,
That's how I defined myself.
Everything around me
Felt like hell.
I was beaten until I lost track of time,
Almost starved to death and still,
No one cared about me.

I realized I was just another ghost,
Like the other girls who were with me.
But wait!
A ray of shimmering light crossed the thick darkness
And hope returned to me.
I was rescued and suddenly all the little pieces of me,
Scattered around the floor reunited,
And, for the first time in many years
I felt good, hopeful.

Now, I can say I have a home,
A place where I am actually wanted
And needed ...
I've climbed the mountain, beaten the devil,
And still survived.
Life is worth living,
So hang on and wait for the happy chapter of yours!
João Santos
(12th A - school year 2011-2012)
My innocence was taken,
By those whose hearts are ice cold,
Just as suddenly as the first raindrop
of a storm that's yet to come.
They took me, those men.
They made me stone dark and broke me.
I fear the darkness
I hate the night.
Those alleys, ...
Alleys where I walked,
Naked of pride or joy of living,
Overwhelmed by the heavy shame.
Shame that won't ever vanish.

It is past now, I'm aware.
Only a disturbing memory
Still haunts me though ...
All the horrour and pain,
Deprive me from sleeping every night.
Because I know,
Those who murdered my childhood,
They live there,
In the night,
In the dark alleys.
And they make the most frightening of dreams
Come true,
And break little innocents like former me.
Catarina Mendes,
(12º A -  school year 2011-2012)

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  1. It is hard to believe this kind of slavery and discrimantion against women hasn't stopped. Worse than that: it's increasing. Fortunately, there are people who care about this and show their love and support. We really need to turn this "hell" into a "heaven".

    Viviana, 12ºB


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