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Saturday, 16 July 2011


   The school year is coming to an end, which means that the well-deserved holidays are about to start.
   Before our blog also has a summer break I, as the coordinator of the English Club, would like to present my sincere thanks to all the excellent teachers of the English Department for their commitment to this project, which implied dedicating many long hours of their private life to it, in order to garantee the success of all the activities planned at the beginning of the year.
   Hadn't they embraced this project with so much enthusiasm, very little would have been accomplished ; the English Club, it goes without saying, did make a difference in the life of our School.
   So, once again, thank you my dear colleagues for having so willingly accepted to participate in this journey!

   I would also like to thank the students who have collaborated with the English Club, either as members of the staff, organising the different activities, or as contributors to the blog, producing texts, videos , roleplays and interviews. You were fundamental to the growth of our blog, which, having started on 16th October 2010, has already had more than 20 000 visits!!!
  Summer holidays mean a break from work. They also mean sunshine, beaches, summer sports and lots of outside fun! 
   So, before "Shake your English!" also goes on holiday, the English Club Team would like to challenge you with some puzzles and quizzes for those days when  the weather is not so warm and sunny and you feel like staying at home. 
Adelaide Sá

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  1. Summer holidays were always such a happy time for me when I was at school. Now it consists of struggling with childcare!


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