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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Portuguese in the USA

As you could have noticed sometimes we post reflections of a Portuguese living in the USA. She is a doctoral student at Georgia Southern University and she sent us a small message thanking us for giving her the chance to participate in our blog and informing us that she has already written an assignment on our blog for her Curriculum Studies.

"I was accepted March 21, 2011 in the Curriculum Studies, Ed.D. program at Georgia Southern University. GSU is in Statesboro, one hour driving from Savannah and located in the state of Georgia. I am a doctoral student ;0)
I decided in one of my pre-requisite course to write about your fabulous blog. Here go my reflections, posted on March 23:

“Vygotsky’s curriculum offered open spaces for spontaneous learning and encouragement for students to use their newly acquired tools for their own purposes, thereby contributing to relevance and generalization” (McNeil, 2006, p.37). This type of Website is a web log, the usual term used is Blog. Maintained by the English Club of Maia Secondary School, Porto- Portugal, this Club exists since 1996 and has more than two hundred members each year. Students, teachers and collaborators (e.g., myself) provide regular entries of commentaries (Thanksgiving Day), descriptions of events (St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Symbols, Quizzes, 4th of March School Day of Languages…) or other material such as graphics or videos ("Where there's a will there's a way", Discovery Ireland…). Entries are displayed in reverse-chronological order. This blog is interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments. This interactivity distinguishes them from other static websites.

The reaction of my peers was great. The ones who decided to visit it enjoy it very much. Thanks for helping, without knowing, in this assignment.

Promise to keep in touch,
Elisabete Carvalho"

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  1. congratulations to the blog for existing and for having helped this teacher to have a good mark at her assignment. :)
    Barbara 11ºA


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