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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Today is Adelaide's birthday


Today marks the day someone special was born. That special person is our beloved colleague and friend Adelaide Sá whose hard work, knowledge, wisdom, determination and creativity have greatly contributed to the success of the English Club in our school and to the growing importance of this blog in particular.
Adelaide’s professionalism and commitment to her job as a teacher of English and as the English Club Coordinator have been vital to the remarkable success of so many different activities that have been accomplished this school year.
Adelaide has also managed to keep a contagious sense of doing well in our English Department and English Club even during difficult times and periods of intense work. We all admire her for that.
Adelaide, we want you to know that we deeply appreciate your commitment to setting and trying to achieve high standards for all the activities that we organize for our students. It’s a pleasure to work with you and have you as a Coordinator of the English Club, always pushing us up to be great!
Dear colleague and friend, congratulations on your birthday. May this day bring you all that you wish for!

Big hugs and lots of love
from your workmates,

Alice, Aurélia, Branca, Clarisse, Conceição, Eduarda, Graça, Helena, Isabel, Margarida, Maria José, Natália,Teresa.