Our Club!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


There are many things that can change our lives, a word, a gesture, a story and even a song, but meeting you was the biggest turning point in my life so far and probably for the rest of my life. Before, I only saw a grey world, a sad world. I could not believe in happiness, all my days were monotonous and I didn’t enjoy them at all. I was just waiting for my life to pass by, back then I was only a corpse with no soul, a robot trained to do the necessary and the necessary only, I didn’t dream, I didn’t want to fly, I didn’t believe, it was like someone had taken the childhood away from me. But one day it all changed. It wasn’t an accident that we met, it was fate. Your bright smile your positive attitude was like the sun finally risen after all those years.
Suddenly the world had bright colors, and I could hear birds singing and what amazed me the most was that I smiled and laughed for the first time, it almost felt like I had reborn into a new human being. A girl who believes, a girl who wishes she could fly, a girl that now dreams excessively, for the first time I don’t think “what if it goes wrong?” anymore but “what if I make it?”!
If there is a person I need to thank to, is you! You gave me a soul, you sheltered me in your arms, you gave me your shoulder and saved a spot for me in your heart!
You could have been anything but still, you chose to be my friend!
By Rita Nanim